Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye! So long, so long, so long!

November 30, 2011

This year was easier than previous years. Once I get in the right mindset and start keeping track of my ideas it isn't actually that difficult.

My favourite posts this November are:

My quince tree
Saturday morning in the Team Green household
Your wish is my command

And now for the bad news ... this blog's days are numbered. I will never do NaBloPoMo again here, and I will most likely be deleting the whole of Spankcracker in the fairly near future.

Isabel is getting older and I feel that having all this on the internet isn't very fair on her. It was never written with the intention that she should ever read it, but that day is getting closer all the time. If I'm going to continue writing, it will be with anonymity. This probably means I will have even fewer readers than I do now, but oh well! If you would like my new URL, you'd best comment or send me an email.

Thank you for reading, and good night.

please send the link to me!!!!
Please send me the link when you move on.
keep us on your link henry and debra.
Please send me your new URL when it's up and running! I'm still reading your Blog! This NaBloPoMo I particularly enjoyed "Your wish is my command" too - it made me laugh as it's just the sort of thing my husband would do too! ;)
Keep up the blogging!
yes please :-) x
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