Your wish is my command

November 21, 2011

Isabel came hurtling into the bathroom this morning, wailing.

Me: What's up?
Izzy: (stroppily) I haven't got any tissues, I need a tissue!
I pass her some bog roll.
Izzy: I haven't had any tissues in my bedroom FOR MONTHS!
Me: Have you written "tissues" on the shopping list?
Izzy: (rudely) NO, why would I?
Me: Because if you write things on there, I will buy them...?

Mattgreen: (from bottom of the stairs) I want a motorbike...
Me: Have you written "motorbike" on the shopping list?
Mattgreen: (rushes off in direction of kitchen)

NB: Isabel later discovered there was in fact a box of tissues in her room after all, she just 'hadn't seen it'. Hmm. Teenage years have arrived three years too early, it seems.

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