November 28, 2005

i miss my weblog.
i've got five entries stored up that i want to write.

my brother is going to help me sort out the design. as soon as that's done, normal service will be restored. patience is a virtue.

wake up! time to die.

November 09, 2005

i am a bit fed up with my weblog.

kevan came to visit recently and he said my weblog is sometimes a bit obscure.

so obviously what he meant is: it's boring.

and the thing is, it is a bit boring. now i look at it, the whole site needs a redesign. i want to get rid of all that stuff over there on the right that i never update. i'm really sick of the whole lower-case thing, which used to be cute but now just makes me feel slightly illiterate. i haven't got an rss feed. how last century of me.

even the content is not as good as it used to be. my life is just not that interesting, i guess.

there could be some changes around here soon.
or i might just stop writing altogether.

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