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November 09, 2005

i am a bit fed up with my weblog.

kevan came to visit recently and he said my weblog is sometimes a bit obscure.

so obviously what he meant is: it's boring.

and the thing is, it is a bit boring. now i look at it, the whole site needs a redesign. i want to get rid of all that stuff over there on the right that i never update. i'm really sick of the whole lower-case thing, which used to be cute but now just makes me feel slightly illiterate. i haven't got an rss feed. how last century of me. http://www.black-star.f2s.com/atom.xml

even the content is not as good as it used to be. my life is just not that interesting, i guess.

there could be some changes around here soon.
or i might just stop writing altogether.

Dear Shades of Green
You'd better not stop writing. I always look forward to reading your blog - although i do think this is just because i am really nosey and want to know whats up with you. co-incidentally i will be unveiling my new blog soon... it does get boring after while, i get bored of the colours and layout. But please don't stop!
Your loyal fan

You had better be joking. Don't make me come over there and infect your computers with horrid viruses again!

You had better be joking. Don't make me come over there and infect your computers with horrid viruses again!
You are not allowed to stop. I repeat don't stop. I great way to catch up as you live so far away. I've started blogging more often recently and I'm working on a new blog site, as Xanga is a bit pants. I'm also going to start a blog got Oli. I've got loads of bits of paper about various milestones that I want to keep together.
Hmmm Kevan

You have a lot of explaining to do!
What? Tut, I just said that I didn't get some of the jokes and references in the quoted conversations. And tend to tell everyone and everything that they need an RSS feed, out of vague, hypocritical habit. I was a bit drunk.

The design's okay, though, the seasonal title image gives it plenty of occasional freshness, I think. Just having a full set of recent Flickr photos would be nice, if you want to brighten the sidebar. And feel free to kick me if you want me to look into Blogger RSS and how to sort it out.

Content's fine, though. You have a good life.

(And hmm, your link to my weblog uses the adjective "obscure"...)
Oi Coggins!

Opps in mean..

Oi Green!

Don't even think of stopping one of the reason i tend to dig out your blog and bookmark whenever I kill/change a comp is cause I like it the way it is.

Now stop you whinging and post more rather than less :) Oh and say hi to Mr Green.
Gracious of Kevan to say your design was 'OK' :-)well perhaps it aint state of the art but so what? the content is whats most important in a weblog like this. I've seen worse! look at mine for example, it sucks!
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