I'm back!

December 18, 2006

Life has been hell without the internet.

Seriously - I use the internet to do my banking, to do my shopping, to find out information, to keep in touch with friends and family and to relax. Three weeks without internet access has been really painful. I had no idea I relied on it so much.

It really genuinely made me miserable. I moped around the house in the evenings, watching crap telly and feeling sorry for myself.

However, the dark days are over. The internet has been restored, we have cable TV just in time to watch the last episode of Lost before a three month break (grrrr!) and the phone is back to normal. All is well.

Oh, and I have a new kitchen! Just in case you have forgotten, here is what the kitchen looked like when we first moved in:

See the red floor! See the tiled worksurfaces! See the total lack of cupboard space!

Mattgreen worked bloody hard for a week and amazingly managed to do everything he said he would in the allotted time. I must admit I had my doubts, on the grounds that IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE, but to give him credit, he pulled out all the stops and everything was done by the time the kitchen fitter arrived.

There are (of course) still a number of finishing touches, like tiling the walls and finishing the floor, but it is already a vast improvement on the old kitchen and it's obvious it's going to be really beautiful when it's done.

Excuse the washing up.

You should get yourself a Mattgreen. He is bloody brilliant at this stuff.

In other news... I have been frantically busy the past week:

a) making Christmas pudding (late because I had no oven)
b) making Christmas cake (late because I had no oven)
c) ordering Christmas presents (late because I had no internet)
d) wrapping Christmas presents (late because I couldn't get to them because the bedroom was full of stuff from the lounge, and the lounge was full of stuff from the kitchen)
e) planning for Christmas visitors (late because it's taken us a whole week to move all our things back to the rooms they belong in)

You get the picture.

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