May 24, 2006

Last night I went to the gym. I'd had a shower and I was getting changed and there was this woman standing next to me at the hairdriers.

She was wearing pointy-toe shoes and had got her hair straighteners out of her bag. She was slim and tanned and had reapplied all her makeup after her workout. And she had slice-y blonde highlights.

Meanwhile, I had hairy legs, I don't bother with fake tan so white as a sheet, no nail varnish, hair all fluffy and messy and couldn't be bothered to dry it, disgusting frumpy clothes, no makeup and slightly overweight.

And then I farted. Not a little one, a real gigantic room-clearing ripper. The woman gave me the dirtiest look imaginable and then swept out of the changing room.

At the time I felt like the most horrible, unattractive, stinky, disgusting old granny. In retrospect, I think it's hilarious.

Dogs dogs dogs dogs

May 15, 2006

Further to my last post:

Alicey: Isabel, when we get the dog, who are you going to love more, me or the dog?
Izzy: You, of course, Mummy.
Alicey: And who are you going to love more, Daddy or the dog?
Izzy: (pauses) Hmmm.... both the same.

Both mattgreen and I thought that was pretty funny.

In other dog-related news, we went to Stafford on Sunday to meet the Estrelas. The good news is, they're perfect. Izzy actually sat down on the floor and stroked them. Even the 8 month old puppies didn't jump on her or lick her. The difference in her behaviour with the Estrelas and with the Briards was quite amazing. So - we have our breed at last.

The bad news is, we have got a loooong wait for a puppy. Basically we are being fussy and will only buy a puppy from a breeder who does the proper health checks (hip scoring). There's only half a dozen breeders in the country and not all of them do it. So, we have to wait until one of the breeders we like has a litter and that could be a year or more.

Patience is not my strong point.

I think I've been talking about dogs a bit too much...

May 12, 2006

Yesterday, Isabel turned round and asked me, "Mummy.... when we get the dog, will you love it more than you love me?"


May 02, 2006

We got the letter today.

Isabel's got a place at the school we want her to go to. When we bought our house, it was with a view to her going to this school, even though there is another school which is closer to us. We have never been totally certain that she'd get a place.

She's been going to the preschool there for over a year and has made friends there, and now we know that she's going to go to school with them.

I'm SO relieved and pleased for her. It's brilliant news.

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