Hypothetical car scenario

September 17, 2011

We are driving. In front of us is a VW Polo.

Mattgreen: I've always liked Polos. If I could only ever have one car for the rest of my life, it'd be a Volkswagon Polo.
Me: I'd have a Mazda MX5.
Mattgreen: (makes vomiting sounds)
Me: (ignoring him) Hmm... although it wouldn't be very convenient if I wanted to go to the tip. I'd just have to hire a car for that.
Mattgreen: Aha! (triumphantly) But if you hired a car, it'd have to be a Mazda MX5! The only car you could ever have would be a Mazda MX5!
Me: Oh. (thinks for a moment) In that case I'd just make you go to the tip in your Polo.
Mattgreen: I see. Damn you.

Change of heart

September 14, 2011

I've just had to turn my computer back on so that I could pull my previous blog post, hopefully before many people saw it as it was a self-pitying rant of epic proportions.

I just needed to get a grip and put things into perspective. In the previous post I mentioned my "massive boring list of tedious chores". I glanced at this list earlier. It includes:
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Pay vet invoice
  • Clean fridge (that would be the huge American-style fridge)
  • Order Paralympics tickets
  • etc
For fuck's sake!
How middle-class am I, whining away about how we need to save money whilst at the same time noting down lists of how I really must pick up the dry cleaning. There are people out there who don't have anywhere to sleep tonight and I am moaning about the DRY BLOODY CLEANING. I despair of myself sometimes, I really do.

I need to be a bit less spoilt and a bit more compassionate.

*shakes head*

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