May 24, 2006

Last night I went to the gym. I'd had a shower and I was getting changed and there was this woman standing next to me at the hairdriers.

She was wearing pointy-toe shoes and had got her hair straighteners out of her bag. She was slim and tanned and had reapplied all her makeup after her workout. And she had slice-y blonde highlights.

Meanwhile, I had hairy legs, I don't bother with fake tan so white as a sheet, no nail varnish, hair all fluffy and messy and couldn't be bothered to dry it, disgusting frumpy clothes, no makeup and slightly overweight.

And then I farted. Not a little one, a real gigantic room-clearing ripper. The woman gave me the dirtiest look imaginable and then swept out of the changing room.

At the time I felt like the most horrible, unattractive, stinky, disgusting old granny. In retrospect, I think it's hilarious.

hahahah! That is hilarious. did you do it on purpose? i'd love to read a version of this story on her weblog (but in my experience ladeez with fake tan, blonde slices and porno nails dont have weblogs)
ROFL! I was gpoing to say the same thing - imagine her side of the story - how funny!

I did the same thing once, during complete silence in a meeting at work, as I leaned up on the desk to emphasise the point I was about to make, a real ripper clattered out! The worst part for me was that no-one, notone person, said a word, just left me gabbling and feeling embarrassed. I would have preferred a "jeez, what did you eat last night" comment to break the tension personally....
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