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May 15, 2006

Further to my last post:

Alicey: Isabel, when we get the dog, who are you going to love more, me or the dog?
Izzy: You, of course, Mummy.
Alicey: And who are you going to love more, Daddy or the dog?
Izzy: (pauses) Hmmm.... both the same.

Both mattgreen and I thought that was pretty funny.

In other dog-related news, we went to Stafford on Sunday to meet the Estrelas. The good news is, they're perfect. Izzy actually sat down on the floor and stroked them. Even the 8 month old puppies didn't jump on her or lick her. The difference in her behaviour with the Estrelas and with the Briards was quite amazing. So - we have our breed at last.

The bad news is, we have got a loooong wait for a puppy. Basically we are being fussy and will only buy a puppy from a breeder who does the proper health checks (hip scoring). There's only half a dozen breeders in the country and not all of them do it. So, we have to wait until one of the breeders we like has a litter and that could be a year or more.

Patience is not my strong point.

oh well, you know what new toys are like... you'll be bored with it in a few weeks anyway and will only end up playing with the box
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