Night hike / November

November 30, 2010

Tonight was our planned night hike for the Cubs.
I knew it would be cold - it's been freezing here for a week - but it was also snowing. The hike was across farmland where I walk Ludo. It's very, very muddy over there at the moment, so extremely slippery even without the snow. And there's at least three kissing gates, one stile and two gates to climb over.

I got a phone call and a text asking if we were still going. The answer was yes.

So, we're taking 34 under-10s for a 3 mile trek in a muddy, snow-covered field in the dark in temperatures of -5 degrees.

As you can imagine, it was bloody brilliant. I loved it! I love snow, I love kids, I love walks. And I would never, ever have gone out in it without a reason, so it was fantastic to have a good excuse. I only got hit by one or two snowballs...

This is the end of NaBloPoMo. It's been a lot easier this year, maybe because I was a bit more prepared, maybe because it's been a busy month with lots happening. In any case, I've quite enjoyed it :) I plan to keep up posting a few times a week now that I'm in the habit. Don't go away!

As per last year, here are my favourite posts from November:

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Eight-year-old boys (this month's finest hour, as I just know I'll re-read this in a year or two and laugh my head off all over again)
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Thank you all for reading. Mwah! mwah!

ahhh, I've really enjoyed it! I hope you manage to keep up with fairly regular posts :-) We are loving the snow too - although 34 under-10's in -5... that's hardcore even in my book!!!!!!!!!!!
We've been sledging two days in a row, nine times up a steep hill combined with a couple of miles walk through snow each way!

I can hardly move, everything hurts :) It's a new kind of workout LOL!
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