Thank fuck for that

November 30, 2009

Well, NaPoBloMo was tougher than I expected. There were days when I had to self-censor myself and deleted three or four semi-written posts. Days when I had nothing to post but drivel. And days when I posted drivel at 11.58pm! But nevertheless, it is done.

Hurrah. Now I can go back to my usual lacklustre efforts of posting once a week or so. Phew! (On the plus side, it has been good for my self-discipline (ha!) and also good to realise that I can always find something to post about, even when I don't think I can).

My favourite posts from the last thirty days were:

9 November - the photo of my old flat
11 November - music I shouldn't like
17 November - Monkey
23 November - Jedward (this month's finest hour)

And now, if you will excuse me, I must go and play Wizard 101 every waking moment, neglecting all else, until I have satisfied my obsession. I may be some time. Thank you and goodnight :)

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