November 23, 2009

So, in case you're living in a cave, last night Jedward got evicted from the X-Factor. I was quite upset about it last night but I've moved on to anger now.

Firstly, the whole 'is it a singing competion?' debate. Clearly it isn't, or otherwise Jedward would've been evicted by Simon in the week they were up against Lucie, especially as he had been so vocal about how bad they were. So Dannii was under no obligation to keep Olly in this week, oh, except for everyone has to kow-tow to Simon Cowell because otherwise they could lose their jobs. Meanwhile Simon does whatever he likes as he's making buckets of cash either way.

I said to Mattgreen, "The production company should just sack Simon Cowell because everyone sucking up to him is really spoiling the show," and Matt said, "It's Simon Cowell's production company". I did not know that. Now I hate him even more. He's such a smarmy knob end.

Secondly, Jedward are such lovely boys. I like their silly haircuts and outfits, their fake American accents and their cute baby faces. They're definitely the best-looking out of the boys this year. But mostly: they work really hard on their choreography, their singing is actually improving and their rapping isn't bad. I would've happily seen them walk away with the whole thing, and now I think it's unlikely they will ever cross our screens again, and I think that's a shame. Did I mention I've voted for them three weeks in a row? A rare show of support considering I merrily watched three series of BB without ever feeling the need to pick up the phone.

And finally - now that Jedward have gone, what is the point of X-Factor? I also only found out yesterday that now everyone sings TWO songs each week - obviously Cowell doesn't want to cut the program length and lose out on advertising revenue! Two abysmal out of tune performances from Lloyd, two painful soul/MOR ballads from Everyone-Hates-Danyl, two bog-standard dull-as-ditchwater efforts from Olly and two of whatever drivel Joe rolls out to great applause. Stacey is the only decent one left and even her dumb blonde, Phoebe from Friends, faux-ditsy attitude is starting to grate on me now. I don't care if she wins or not, though at least she is listenable, whereas the rest of them I couldn't give a rat's crap about.

And I'm sorry, but I can't spare two and a half hours of my weekend for a bunch of acts I don't even like. X-Factor is over for me now. Screw you, Cowell.


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