Crazy diet tips for November

November 01, 2011

I'm currently on one of my health kicks. This is partly because I have to wear a swimsuit and throw myself off cliffs in February, and partly because I've got some personal training vouchers that needed using up, and partly because I'm ALWAYS on some kind of health kick.

Anyway after much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I think I've finally identified why I struggle to lose weight and struggle even more to keep it off.

I love cooking and I think I cook quite healthily. I make dinners from fresh ingredients every day, I often have homemade salads for lunch and porridge with fruit for breakfast. I eat five-a-day virtually always. I restrict the amount of red meat in my diet and I only buy free-range. Sounds OK so far?

However, between meals I'm a nightmare. I love to snack. It's not uncommon for me to eat five or six biscuits at work, and I only work 5 hours a day. I eat chocolate bars on the way to school and prowl the kitchen in the evening checking out the cupboards.

So I figured if I stopped snacking between meals, I would be slinky malinki in no time. I tried it, but I was starving marvin instead and couldn't handle it. So, I've come up with a new rule. And to make it extra fun, I'm going to do it for the whole of November and see if it helps. It cannot possibly be as difficult as March.

So the great plan is : Only eat fruit and vegetables between meals.

Simple, eh? I'll keep you posted as to whether I'm surviving, and how long it takes before raspberry ripple ice cream and strawberry bonbons start counting as fruit.

If you can stick to fruits, veggies, and nuts as snacks you will do well. The first week is the worst. Your body actually gets addicted to the junk and it is hard to kick the habit.
Henry I think you're exactly right!
I'm doing OK so far... long may it last :)
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