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January 06, 2011

Izzy brought home a letter from the school yesterday detailing their latest fundraising idea. Apparently they are having a professional photographer come into school on a weekend to take 'relaxed beautiful and contemporary portraits at a fraction of high street prices'.

I hate professional photographers with a passion. Izzy has never been to one except for her school pictures, which I often refuse to buy because she looks so forced. For our wedding day, I insisted we had a photographer who wouldn't make me pose in a horrible way. As a result we failed to get any proper pictures of my sisters-in-law, my mum's family or various other groups. Oops...

ANYWAY, the letter from school says, "Whether it's a family group, just the kids, grandparents... free your imagination!"

So I said to Mattgreen, "Do you think they'd let us take the dog in?"
Mattgreen looked at me incredulously.
I continued, "I was thinking, I could wear my bikini and ride the dog and tell them that I'd freed my imagination?"
Mattgreen laughed and said, "That role-playing we did has really affected you hasn't it? You've just described your character, all you need is a big sword".
"Oooh yes," I squeaked, "a fuck-off massive sword, actually I do need one of those!"

Artist's impression:

P.S. Perhaps my new year's resolution should be to work on my mad Photoshop skillz ;)

ha ha ha.... love it!!!!!!!!
I know what you mean about wedding photos... I consequently have no full length ones or any of the whole group. In fact of some people I only have random drunk ones. Ah well, at least 'I' know it really was fun ;-) x
That's exactly how I feel about it too. I've got lots of nice pics from the day, and I remember it all, and that's the most important thing!

I still cringe inwardly when I have to pose at other people's weddings (especially when it goes ON and ON) so I don't regret a thing :D
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