November 20, 2010

Some of Matt's gamer friends are visiting today. They like some board games, but they're also into table-top games (the ones with grass and little figures you move around) and also roleplaying games (I think this is where one person tells a story and all the rest pretend to be characters. Sometimes there is dice-rolling involved).

It's all a bit furry boots for me.
(Years ago when I played Magic, we went to Gen Con and there were all these guys dressed as warriors in furry cloaks and boots and carrying spears and shit, in the lift with the normal people, it was DISTURBING and SCARRED ME FOR LIFE. Ever since then I've referred to hardcore gamer-type activities as "furry boots").

Anyway, earlier one of the guys came in the kitchen and said,
"Hey Alice, are you going to play...?" and I said, "Yes!" thinking he was referring to board games and then he finished, "...swords and mullets later?"


I laughed nervously and he said, "There's always some fiery female gnome character!"

Holy crapola, what have I let myself in for? If I don't post tomorrow, send out a rescue party.

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