Sophie Dahl & Kate Nash

December 09, 2010

On the way to work on the train today, I was reading an old copy of Waitrose Food Illustrated.
I found an absolutely brilliant article by Sophie Dahl. It's a truly wonderful piece of writing that really draws you in and it's written in such a personal, intimate style. Love it.

It makes me want to rush out and buy her book. In fact it's been on my wishlist for months already.

I took a photo of the article when I got home, but sadly I don't think Blogger will let you enlarge it enough to read it, so try clicking on this link instead. Hopefully that'll work (click on the enlarge button on the top right of the picture). I have a story of my own to match her last paragraph, but I'll save that for another day.

The perfect background song to this article is the Kate Nash song, Nicest Thing. I love Kate Nash, and even if you don't usually like her cockney style, Nicest Thing is an amazing story of unrequited love and loss. With cellos.

"Basically I wish that you loved me/I wish that you needed me/
I wish that you knew that when I said, 'two sugars', actually I meant three"

The pumpkin soup recipe looks delicious too.

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