A warning

November 03, 2011

Today I was in Sainsburys and they were doing a promotion on Baileys. They had the new biscotti flavour - I'd seen it on Facebook and thought it looked nice so I tried some.

It is a rare day that I don't like alcohol, especially free alcohol.
It's even rarer that an item of food or drink is too sweet for me.
It's unheard of for me not to finish a tiny sample-size drink, even if I'm not that keen.

Dear reader, I had to clean my teeth when I got home to get rid of the disgusting taste.
Do not make the mistake of purchasing it! VILE VILE VILE! And I love Baileys. And biscotti.

I also tried the hazelnut one and it was even worse ... don't go there.

i shall stick with wine when I head there later then on the 'weekend drink run' ... or normal baileys. Some things are simply best left as they are :-)
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