Three good things

November 10, 2011

1. Our car passed it's MOT today! It had a full service, and nothing extra needed doing. This is despite the fact a weird light came on a few weeks ago. I looked it up and it said "TAKE STRAIGHT TO YOUR TOYOTA DEALER" so I phoned Mattgreen and he said, "DO NOTHING" and then the light went off again and nothing bad has happened. Also, the brakes were making a horrible squeaking sound this summer. I was prepared for a gigantico bill, but it was incredibly cheap. It's just so good when that happens, and it almost never does. Yippee!

2. Isabel's school got a fantastic Ofsted report- Outstanding across the board. It couldn't have been better. I've had the occasional disagreement with them (despite being a governor there for the past three years!) but the standard of teaching and learning is undeniably very high. I'm really pleased that has been recognised and it means the school's excellent reputation is assured for the next few years at least.

3. Today, by total fluke, I found my long-lost hairdresser. Since we moved here I have only had one good hairdresser and she left the company and they refused to tell me where she'd gone. Today I saw a sign outside a hairdresser that's 60 seconds' walk from my house, it said, "Get 10% off with our new employee Beth," and I went in and IT WAS HER! How awesome is that! I booked an appointment on the spot.

All is right with the world. I am going to open the wine to celebrate.

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