November 07, 2011

Today I found out that the Olympic Torch is not coming to our town. I told Mattgreen as soon as he got home from work. He dropped his bag, shouted, "OH NO!" and collapsed on the sofa dramatically.

Mattgreen is not that interested in the Olympic Games.

I've got tickets for second round tennis at Wimbledon, which I suspect will be very much like going to Wimbledon and not really at all like going to the Olympics. I applied for bajillions of tickets but tennis was all I got in the ballot. Isabel is really keen to go with me, I haven't decided yet whether to let her. It depends whether she can sit still through a whole tennis match I suppose.

A few months after I applied for Olympics tickets, the Paralympics ticket ballot opened. Armed with the knowledge I'd gained too late when ordering Olympics tickets (apply for the most expensive tickets in fewer categories), I was a lot more successful. We've got tickets for Goalball, Swimming and Athletics - so we get to go to both the Aquatics Centre and the Olympic Stadium which will rock. Izzy is totally up for it and I reckon it will be an amazing experience - probably way better than the Olympics at Wimbledon.

Mattgreen is planning on getting quite a bit of decorating done.

if mattgreen can make stupendous amounts of his famous lasagne, we'll help with the decorating! ha ha ;-)
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