Och aye the noo

November 18, 2011

Today I went to the library to get out some bagpipe music. We're having a Scotland evening at Cubs in a couple of weeks (to mark St. Andrew's Day) so I wanted to get an appropriate soundtrack.

We're going to eat Scotch pancakes, play mini highland games, the Cubs can wear a kilt if they have one, we're going to get them to design their own tartan on squared paper, etc. I love all that shit.

Mattgreen is away and my computer is broken, so I've used his iTunes to burn all the bagpipe music. Heheheh. Actually I'm listening to bagpipe music right now and it's rather good.

That reminds me, I did say recently that I was going to start playing more music around the house....

Perhaps I could set the bagpipes to be my 6.30am alarm call?

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