Last night something genuinely scary happened....

November 19, 2011

Mattgreen has gone away for the weekend. So last night, once Izzy was in bed, I just noodled around on Facebook and reading blogs for a while. It was about 11.30pm, I'd turned off the computer and was thinking about going to bed when Ludo started making snuffley woof sounds. She does this a lot, usually when she hears something outside. I told her to be quiet.

Then she made a louder, yelpier sound. I went into the hall, switched on the light. "What's up Ludo?" I asked, but before I'd even finished speaking, I heard a knock at the door. Our doorbell is temperamental at the best of times, and I figured it was probably one of the neighbours telling me I'd left the car lights on or something.

I opened the door.

Standing there was a man. His face was completely covered in blood.

I reacted completely instinctively and screamed loudly, right in his face. I was just totally taken aback, I didn't expect to scream but I was freaked out and couldn't stop myself.

The next thing that happened, also completely unexpectedly, was that Ludo went mental. I've never heard Ludo bark her head off like she barked her head off last night. She lost her shit. She barked and barked and barked and would not shut up. I had to hold her by the collar so she didn't lunge for the bloke.

The bloke stood there, looking bemused. He did not appear scared or aggressive or anything really. He said, "Is this Daniel's house?"

I said, "No, no, it's not... erm... do you want me to call you an ambulance?"
"No mate, it's fine," he said. He appeared pretty unaware that he'd been hurt. He rubbed his face with his hands but the blood didn't smear. Then I noticed he was swaying slightly. The unmistakeable smell of vast quantities of alcohol wafted towards me. Ludo kept barking.

I didn't know what to do. "Have you been in a fight?" I asked.
"Nah, just a scuffle. Daniel's not here?"
"No, he doesn't live here".
"Sorry mate, sorry, sorry, must've got the wrong house," he mumbled and then turned and walked down the path. There was blood on his trousers too. I know most of the people in our road and can't think of anyone called Daniel.

I came inside, shut the door and sat down on the floor with Ludo. She kept barking. It was 30 minutes before she finally stopped snuffling and huffing.

I have never before seen Ludo behave in a protective manner. Estrelas are bred as guard dogs and are used as police dogs in Portugal, but I never had a great deal of faith that Ludo would cut the mustard in an emergency. Perhaps I was wrong. She was fierce last night, that's for sure.

This morning, I looked down the stairs and she was fast asleep at the bottom. Gotta love the dog.

bloodyhell A1. That IS scary. But good on Ludo... it's so weird how protective our dogs can be. Milla is the same. If Scott pretends to attack me, she even goes mad at him!!!! (that sounds dodgy - but it is Scott's way of training Milla how to behave if that actually happens!!!!!) xx
That doesn't work with Ludo - even if Mattgreen punched me in the face I doubt she'd get up (untested - ha ha!) We've had blazing rows though and she's slept through those, plus there was once some teenagers were being little shits in the park and she was scared of them - sigh! Ludo genuinely stepping up to the plate and doing something useful is something of a novelty :D Nine times out of ten I'd rather have Millsy to protect me I think :D
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