The future and the past

November 17, 2011

Further to yesterday's post, I found a totally awesome article about minimalism called A Day in the Future. I showed it to Mattgreen who thought it was really well-written.

Near the end, it says:

I often marvel at the thought of the unimaginable value someone two hundred years ago could get out of a random box of somebody’s neglected junk.

That reminded me of my first ever mobile phone. I was an early-adopter because my boyfriend at the time had a mobile and I thought it was super-cool. I got it in 1998 and I was the first person I knew to own a mobile. I was trying to explain this to Izzy the other day, and she just couldn't even get her head around the idea that in the past, not everyone had mobiles. Even she's had one since she was nine. Madness.

Anyway, after much scuttling around the internet, I managed to find a photo of My First Phone:

Awesome huh? It had a little aerial that you had to pull out to try to improve the reception. It was about the size of a small brick and took up half my handbag. I've just googled it and apparently it weighed 236g, measured 148 x 56 x 25 mm (wow!) and could store up to 10 dialled and received calls in its memory. It had a battery life of about 2 hours... less if you actually made any phone calls.

My iPhone is somewhat more impressive now, but I'm pretty sure I was just as delighted with the Nokia 2110 when I first got it. It's crazy to think that actually, that wasn't even all that long ago. I can remember phoning my Mum and saying, "Guess where I am? On top of a hill!" and thinking that this was a brave new world indeed.

thats not true. It was a brilliant phone and its battery lasted for days. It was an ak-47 of a phone. you could probably chuck it against a wall and it would keep working.
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