Fortune teller

November 23, 2011

Once upon a time, long ago, in a lifetime far far away, I bought this fridge magnet from a service station on the way to a Magic: The Gathering tournament.

When you press the red button, you get either this response:

Or this one:

This has entertained all my friends, my child, my friends' children and all other visitors to our various houses for over a decade. Mattgreen even had to change the batteries once when they ran out. That is how much we love the fortune teller.

If you leave questions in the comments, I will ask the fortune teller whether it's in the cards or not on your behalf. (Questions must have yes or no answers, obviously). Leave a comment, dammit. I have nothing else to do.

(This post was inspired by Fussy's Yoda, who is a far more impressive fortune teller than mine).

Will I get a motorcycle for Christmas?
It's not in the cards.
Will I drink my body weight in ameretto on new years eve?
Where is the queen of hearts?
Willo: It's in the cards.

Gordy: It's not in the cards, which rather spoils it really ;)
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