November 15, 2011

Today I had to go to Brighton for work. I decided to go early so I could do a bit of shopping and had a lovely morning meandering round the shops without a child trailing around behind me, picking up inappropriate things and shouting "WHAT'S THIS?"

After that I went down to the seafront and decided to get some chips and eat them on the beach (screw the diet). It was a cold but bright day and the beach was pretty quiet.

I underestimated the evil seagulls who basically followed me to my seat, then tried to creep closer and closer to my chips as if playing a rather sinister game of What's the time, Mr Wolf?

I wondered what I'd do if they actually snatched one (at one point they got so close that I thought that they might!) and then realised I could just pick up a pebble and chuck it at them. I had to do this a few times but they didn't really give up until all the chips were gone.

From my position on the beach I could hear the faint sounds of the funfair on the Pier, the rush of the sea on the pebbles and the caw-caw-caw of the seagulls. For once, I didn't have a dog with me, straining on the lead and barking at the sea and making a nuisance of herself.

I should go to the seaside by myself more often.

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