Advancing years

November 29, 2011

Two things happened this week that made me feel old.

1.  I was in the gym last night and caught the tail end of a conversation between two girls in their early twenties. One was moaning about her housemate.  The other one said, "Is she old?" and the first one said, "Yeah, thirty or something?" and the other one said, "Eww... gross".

2. On my way home from Cubs I was talking to our 18-year-old leader and his 16-year-old girlfriend about music for the Cubs party next week.  He said, "I can bring along one of the old Now albums, I've got Now 75".  I commented that I wasn't sure what number they were up to and he said, "Now 79, Now 80?"

I said, "Do you want to know what number Now album I remember listening to when I was a teenager?"  They looked at me with interest.  "Now 7," I replied.  They looked absolutely gobsmacked.  I added hurriedly, "I was quite young!  Probably only about 12!  I don't remember the first Now album being released!" but it was too late, the damage was done.  They think I'm ancient.

I absolutely remember the release of Now...that's what I call music (Now 1). I used to look around the music section of Tesco whilst my parent's were paying for the shopping on a Friday night. According to Wikipedia it was 1983 which would be about right. It had a funny looking pig with shades on the front.
ha ha ha! I know what you mean. I remember sitting in the kitchen at an old workplace... a young lad was sat there (about 18) and I was making polite conversation about what he was doing for the weekend... "yeah, I'm in to drum and bass.. ya know, raving and stuff" he said looking at me with that look that says 'you ain't got a clue what I'm talking about you old bint.' "Oh god! you should see my record collection! I used to have my own decks!" I replied enthusiastically thinking he would think me cool. He looked at me with a screwed up confused face. "I went to the opening of the Sanctuary many years ago" I added as if that would add extra coolness... "what's the Sanctuary?" he said. I felt so old. And so uncool.
LOL - brilliant stories!

I also mentioned that Now 7 came on double cassette tape - I'm pretty sure that didn't add to my coolness in any way :)
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