17 gym sessions in 30 days - a new record?!

November 28, 2011

Lately I've been working really hard to get super-turbo-fit before Christmas. My gym program is so brutal that smoking isn't really an option at the moment. It's not even crossed my mind.

Here's a handy calendar:

Tonight I'm going to my Monday night session at the gym. It's called Party Fit and it involves circuit training around ten stations - lunges, squats, weights, press-ups and various other forms of torture with only 15 seconds to catch your breath inbetween. Then you get a couple of minutes to recover before doing it all again. Then at the end you get to do ten minutes of merciless sit-ups and other abdominals. I saw the instructor on Saturday and she said this week would be harder than last week...

Last night I had a crap night's sleep, I've been at work all day and I've just got back from walking the dog - truthfully I'd prefer my bed to the gym.

Hopefully this will all be worth it.

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