sub·tle /ˈsətl/ Adjective. (esp. of a change or distinction) So delicate or precise as to be difficult to analyze or describe

June 19, 2011

Last week we were watching Isabel doing country dancing. She came over between songs and asked if she could have a drink. She looked in the bag but it wasn't there. "I filled it up but I forgot to put it in the bag," she moaned.

"Oh well, nevermind," I said. She then turned to another girl who was standing nearby drinking her drink. "I forgot my drink," Izzy said sadly, "I'm soooo thirsty," she added, gazing longingly at the girl's drink.

The girl said, "Do you want some of mine?" and offered her the bottle which Izzy eagerly accepted.

Mattgreen chuckled and muttered, "Subtle as a house brick. She gets it from her mother," to the parents of the other girl. We all laughed.

The girls went back to dancing, and Mattgreen told me a story I had completely forgotten. It was probably about 2001 and we'd arranged for my parents and Matt's dad to meet for the first time in a pub in Buckinghamshire.

Apparently my mum turned up being all bubbly and said, "Oooh I've been ever so busy this morning, I've been making fishcakes!" So I said, "Are you having them for dinner tonight?" and she said, "No, I've put them all in the freezer. What's in your freezer at the moment Alice?" and I answered, "No fishcakes," rather mournfully.

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