June 24, 2011

This morning, at the breakfast table.

Izzy: Can I enter that competition to design a school meal?
Me: (looking at entry form) It says it has to contain carbohydrates, protein, fruit or veg AND dairy. And the ingredients should come from Sussex. That could be tricky.
Izzy: What carbohydrates come from Sussex?
Me: Potatoes? And grain I guess... for bread.
Izzy: I know! Couldn't you just have boiled potatoes... and chicken. And peas.
Me: Hmm... bland... who are you cooking for, my parents?

This afternoon, in the garden. I can hear the children in the garden behind ours playing.

(sound of irate mother rushing out into the garden)

This evening, on the phone to tax credits helpline. I am on hold, talking to Mattgreen while I wait.

Me: If there's one good thing about not being eligible for tax credits any more, it's that I'll never have to listen to this shitty hold music again.
(Man answers. I go through all the stuff. He tells me I can ring back if I'm eligible in the future)
Me: Not likely unless I ever have another baby, God forbid.
Mattgreen: (shouting in the background) Then you'll be able to claim single parent allowance!

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