A new low

June 26, 2011

As a teenager, I was a massive music fan and an obsessive CD collector. I spent all my money in Our Price and HMV and ordering obscure indie music from catalogues. I ended up with over 400 CDs which I carted from one house to the next.

When Mattgreen and I moved in together, we merged our collections. We sold the duplicates. The rest we carted from one house to the next until finally, utterly broke and desperate, I resorted to selling them on Ebay.

Here is a blog post from my blog-before-Spankcracker:

Tue Sep 10 2002, 15:37:03
selling my treasures
this afternoon i put up all my old radiohead cds for sale on ebay.
we need the money.

i know you're not meant to be sentimental about things you sell on ebay but i hope they go to good homes, people who'll enjoy them as much as i did. some of them i bought from record collectors because they were already deleted 7 years ago.

Oh dear. That was a bit self-pitying wasn't it?
Thankfully, the days of selling CDs because we're desperate for the money are long gone.

However, the need to get rid of the piles of surplus CDs from our house has become ever stronger. There's been a huge cardboard box in our bedroom since time immemorial. Both of us are desperate to get rid of it. So each week we try to list a few more on Ebay.

This has been going on for years now. At first I didn't think it was worth the effort, but as time goes by, it adds up, and the cardboard box has grown steadily emptier. Occasionally we're rewarded with a CD selling for more than expected, like a Chumbawamba CD with a picture of a lady's fanny on the cover going for more than I originally paid for it*, but the greatest reward is seeing all the crap leaving our house in neatly packaged parcels. The people in the village post office absolutely hate us both.

Obviously there are some which don't sell, and we've been piling those up in a separate pile to take to the guy on the market in town who sells CDs. We figured we'd sell him the lot just to get rid of them. Mattgreen took them down there today and the guy went through them.

What the guy said: "I mean, they're good titles but they're commonly available at record sales, so I don't really need them, thanks"
What he actually meant: "I don't want your shitty Stereophonics and Dodgy albums. Get this fucking Menswear CD off my stall, it's lowering the quality of my merchandise"

Oh dear.

* I'm not even kidding:

We need a CD rag and bone man. He woudl arrive, driving a horse and cart down the road ringing a bell and shouting "Any-old-indiEEEE?"

I fear it's the only way to rid ourselves of the Marion CD.
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