You're fired...

May 09, 2011

Last night, Mattgreen and I, talking about how we're running out of space on Sky+.

Me: And we've got 47 bajillion episodes of Pokemon, and House has just started again.
Mattgreen: Hmm...
Me: And the Apprentice starts again on Tuesday.
Mattgreen: (sings the theme tune) Dum de dum de dum de dum deeee... dum te dum te deeeee!
Me: It's going to be great!
(Mattgreen loathes and despises The Apprentice, and always has to leave the room swearing under his breath when it comes on)
Mattgreen: Oh great. Another 12 barely pubescent self-proclaimed marketing genuises wearing power suits trying to sell sand to Arabs.
Me: (laughing)
Mattgreen: ... Competing against each other to sell dog turds to unwilling old ladies against the clock.

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