Green Family day at the beach

May 02, 2011

The day: Yesterday
The scene: Mattgreen and I are walking along the pebble beach, Isabel is walking behind us climbing over the groynes and leaping down from them.

Izzy: Ow!
(Mattgreen and I carry on walking)
Izzy: (loudly and pointedly) Ow!
Mattgreen: Keep saying 'ow' like that and I might upgrade my level of sympathy from 'minimal' to 'not quite enough to help you'.

Later that day...

Mattgreen picks up a large rock from the beach. He points it at me.
Mattgreen: Phasers set to stun, captain!
I roll my eyes. Mattgreen tries to stuff the rock into my pocket. I push him away. He then dumps the rock in Isabel's hood. "Hey!" she cries before trying to offload it into the crook of his arm.

Later still...

We are passing a tourist shop on the seafront.
Alicey: Oh look, postcards! We could send one to the dog.
Mattgreen: (peering at them) How about one with a cat on it?

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