Shaggy dog story

March 07, 2011

This morning, Ludo was being her usual naughty self. We were on her walk and she had wandered off into the field to chow down on a tasty cow poopsicle.

I called her, she ignored me. I called her again, she kept scoffing.
Eventually I got to the metal gate and shouted, "If you don't come now I'm going without you," as if she was a misbehaving small child. Ludo just stood there. If she could speak, she would've mumbled, "Nom nom nom," with her mouth full.

I said, "FINE, suit yourself!", slammed the gate shut and walked round the corner into the next field. 'Damn dog,' I thought. 'This time I'm going to teach her a lesson'. I hid behind the bushes and bobbed up and down, peering between the twigs so I could watch Ludo finish her impromptu breakfast and run towards the gate. She got to the gate and snuffled around. Confused, she wandered about a bit. 'Ahaha!' I thought. 'Now she can't find me and she's getting worried!'

Feeling increasingly smug and triumphant, I was surprised to see Ludo's ears suddenly prick up, the way they do when she sees something interesting. Then I noticed a small terrier had run up behind me and was approaching the gate. I stood up and realised that the terrier's owner had just walked across the field behind me. For the last 30 seconds she had, without a doubt, clearly seen me hiding behind the bush.

"Oh! Ha ha," I laughed nervously as I emerged from the bushes. The woman looked at me like I was a total nutter. "I was just hiding from my dog!" I explained as I opened the metal gate. The woman looked at me as if to say that her suspicions had been confirmed. The terrier ran through the gate. I said, "Well, erm, nice to meet you!" as the woman beat a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

"Thanks Ludes," I muttered under my breath, putting her firmly back on the lead.

ha ha ha ha!!!!! oh my, that's funny! I get caught doing that all the time... only I don't have the excuse of doing it to teach Milla a lesson; I do it just because it's fun to play hide and seek with my dog. Ridiculous child that I am!!!
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