The diet of cruel misery drags endlessly onwards

March 26, 2011

Today I had butternut squash risotto, usually one of my favourite meals. Made without the use of wine or parmesan, it suddenly lost its appeal. Grim.

Mattgreen has gone away to visit our friends in Leeds for the weekend. If it was me going, I would've abandoned the diet without a moment's hesitation. Sadly, in order to avoid monstrous hypocrisy, I therefore had to grant Mattgreen a three-day exemption. He decided to start early and have something other than prawn salad for lunch at work on Friday, and is probably drinking beer and eating great mountains of wheat as we speak. Grr.

In other news, this week I've been ill with a cold. I never get ill and I never get colds. It was one of those really horrible brutal knock-you-out colds and I spent Wednesday blatantly disregarding the rules on how many different kinds of paracetamol you're meant to have in a day. It was vile. Stupid diet, lowering my immune system...

On Friday, there will be bacon sandwiches for breakfast, and maybe croissants too, and lovely sandwiches and home-made chocolate cake for lunch, and some sort of chicken pasta for dinner, and lots of wine.

Only another 131 hours to go! Actually only 130 because the clocks go forward tonight - yesssss!

Remind me never to do this diet again.

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