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March 10, 2011

Our local newspaper amuses Mattgreen and I greatly. Where we used to live, the paper was full of news of stabbings and muggings and burglaries. Here in leafy Sussex, there is precious little to keep the reporters busy.

So we end up with gems like the article in this week's rag complaining about those green cabinets that BT put up to store their cables in. According to the paper: "The installation of one of these cabinets across a pensioner's front window has sparked calls for a rethink".

There is a photo of said pensioner, along with the parish councillor, the district councillor and the local MP, all standing next to the cabinet. One of them is holding a tape-measure and looking serious. FFS! Have they nothing better to do?! There's no sign of the house in the photo at all.

In the article it states that the cabinet is in fact on the grass verge on the other side of the man's garden hedge. Hmm. So there's a pavement, a hedge, his entire front garden, and then his window between him and the box. The pensioner says, "the view from my window is ruined".

Hilariously, the district councillor, who is clearly a Daily Mail reader, wades in. He rages preposterously, "This mammoth sized cabinet has been irresponsibly located and sticks out like a sore thumb. Mr So-and-so's view from his living room window, which means so much to him, now has no quality as he has to look out onto the miserable bottle green of the hideous cabinet".

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