February 12, 2011

Today I went to the woods with Mattgreen, Isabel and Ludo.
As we were walking along, I was telling Matt and Izzy how you can buy a bit of woodland, and how I'd love to do that, and have an acre or two of wood at the bottom of our garden, and build a treehouse and a have a hammock hanging between the trees, and string up fairy lights and have bonfires and sing-songs in the winter, and champagne and canapes and go camping and maybe hold an outdoor concert in the summer.

I started singing and spinning around(to the tune of this):

"I want the woods... I want the WHOLE woods. I want to have trees and more trees and more trees, give it to me now, DON'T CARE HOW, I WANT IT NOW!"

Mattgreen turned to Isabel and said, resignedly, "Your mother is demanding large stretches of managed forest again".

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