So far, so bad.

January 13, 2011

I've just been looking at my Life List - a list of things I want to do in my lifetime which is so crazily "out there" that I've never posted it to my blog.

Lots of the things I want to do require finance, to the point where I'm looking at my list and sighing and thinking, I can't do ANY of this. And then I remembered that this week I have bought both a set of martini glasses and a new pair of heels.

Considering I only posted my resolutions a few days ago, and #1 was to be better with money, that's pretty rubbish really. The shoes are beautiful and I really will wear them, and actually I bought two pairs but am sending one back so that counts as being frugal right? No? Oh, crapholes.

I am also on the internet RIGHT NOW and it is the evening (bad), I have not done any mindfulness practice at all yet this year (bad), I have only crocheted one square and disposed of one magazine (bad) and on Tuesday I tried a new route to work using a map, got hideously lost and ended up 20 minutes late and thoroughly frustrated (bad).

Bloody hell, that really is crap. I need to try harder.
But first, I think I need a martini....

i think resolutions should not really start until February... January is far too crap to not be buying luscious heels etc. No, in fact, January should be made the month that we merely 'ponder' our resolutions. Yes, February should be the month when we actually feel strong enough to move forward with them... enjoy the Martini x
Thanks m'dear. Am feeling slightly more cheerful this morning, as I did turn off the PC after that little rant and did some crochet instead. The martini was lovely too! x

Can you really not use a map? Fascinating.

You really are a very complicated person.
LOL Oberion.

Baby steps Alice. Baby steps. You'll get there. Try turning the map so that it is facing the way you are going. That works for my wife. Navigate while Mattgreen drives.

Sorry Mattgreen. Just don't watch her when she is using the map.

Alice you may have to tape his mouth shut for the drive. Just saying.

Love you.

I can read a road map. But this was an annotated Ordnance Survey map, which look like this:

My resolution is to be able to read maps enough to plan countryside walking routes in unfamiliar areas. It's harder than it looks! I often can't even tell where I am, let alone where I'm aiming to be. If I get good at that, I might even try learning how to use a compass *faint*

My route to work was scribbled on a photocopied Ordnance survey map by one of our volunteers. I tried it again today ... and got lost again. Sigh. Baby steps!
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