January 01, 2011

I love New Year's Eve. Loads of people hate it but as far as I'm concerned the trick is never go out. Have good friends round, play games, have a nice meal and drink lots. It will be fun and relaxed and whatever happens you're never disappointed.

I'm not sure I can ever go back to going to rammed pubs and bars full of pissed people or parties full of idiots.

Last night was pretty much identical to last year, much fun was had by all, and we finished the best part of two bottles of Amaretto and stayed up until 3am playing games.

My new year's resolutions are coming, but they are taking a bit of extra thought this year. Watch this space :)

couldn't agree more my dear... we had a lovely one with good friends, food, music and chatter :-) Wishing you wonderful things for 2011 and looking forward to hearing your resolutions :-) xxx
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