Death to all Jeremys

January 07, 2011

Mattgreen was telling me that he walked into the lab at work today, and Jeremy Vine was on the radio. He was talking about some new police initiative to take down the number plates of kerb-crawlers in red light areas. A caller had rung in to say that he thought that was really unfair as it unfairly and maliciously persecuted people who were lost. Mattgreen added incredulously, "People who were lost in RED LIGHT AREAS! Who needed to STOP AND ASK DIRECTIONS FROM WHORES".

So then I told him my story about how I'd been watching Jeremy Kyle today (at the gym, because there was nothing else on) and there was a woman on there who was married to some guy from Sudan. She wanted him to get a lie detector test because he'd said he shagged her friend (along with several other women!), and her friend said she hadn't shagged him. The deal was the wife was going to divorce him if he HADN'T shagged her friend, for lying, but she would stay with him if he HAD shagged her friend.

(In case you're wondering, he had shagged her friend, and up to 12 other women, but the lie detector couldn't verify that as he couldn't remember how many exactly. Nice!)

Mattgreen said, "Everyone called Jeremy should be ritually assassinated".
So there you have it. Architects beware!!!

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