Ways to abuse authority, part 34

December 28, 2010

Tonight, on the M25. It is wet and foggy and we are driving home. A vehicle on the hard shoulder suddenly starts flashing the lights on its roof and indicating to re-join the carriageway.

Mattgreen: It's the police! Let them in.
Alicey: It's not the police. It's just the traffic officers, look. I'm not letting them in.
Mattgreen: Oh yeah.
Alicey: If I was them, I'd take great pleasure in driving up behind people in flashy cars really fast, then turning on my flashing lights and driving up their bums until they pulled over, and then driving off really fast going "Ha ha ha"!
Mattgreen: That's why you're not a traffic officer darling.

Oh, to be a "Traffic Womble", or preferrably a traffic policeperson... I would get a lot of enjoyment out of THAT job!
My husband likes driving fast cars, and I would love telling people off who can't drive properly, so we would make a great team, I think! :o)
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