December 03, 2010

This evening I decided to go to the gym. It's mega-snowy here and I've got a nasty sledging-related neck injury (caused by jerking my head round when someone shouted "watch out!" and pulling a muscle). So I thought I'd go and have a little run (without moving my head) and then go in the sauna to try and sort myself out.

I put on my gym kit, two pairs of socks, my wellies, my furry bearstalker hat and gloves, the giant green wax jacket, took the strongest ibuprofen I could find and headed off up the hill. It's minus 5 here and insanely icy and there's still loads of snow on the ground. When I got there, the gym was (predictably) quiet. I managed 30 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes crosstrainer and then a brutally painful weights session thanks to my neck.

Then I went in the jacuzzi. I had been sat there for at least ten minutes when some guy came bursting out of the sauna, opened the door onto the balcony and went outside. He then LAY DOWN in the SNOW, got up and came back in covered in snow, then bombed it back into the sauna. Now that's dedication for you :) I'm afraid even I'm not that hardcore.

On the way home I walked down the snowy hill, listening to "Come Home Billy Bird" by the Divine Comedy. It was fucking MAJESTIC I tell you. People wonder why I love England and this evening is why.

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