Serious post about Wiki Leaks

December 08, 2010

I've just had a conversation with Mattgreen about the whole Wiki Leaks news story. He doesn't have a problem with Wiki Leaks, he reckons that the people who said stuff that got leaked are the ones responsible and they should just man up and face the music.

I said, "But that's not very fair because when they said it, they never expected it to be read by a public audience". Mattgreen said, "Tough! They should've thought of that!" So I said, "What if you were in the pub, and you slagged off some people from work, and somebody taped it in secret and played it at your staff meeting on a Monday morning? Because that's basically what they're doing".

Mattgreen said, "I'd just have to say, 'fair cop, you got me, I meant every word I said,' and then face the fallout".

And the crazy thing about Mattgreen is that he totally would as well. So I said, "What do you do if you're talking to someone and they start being horrible about someone you both know, but you didn't agree?" And he said, "I'd just say I didn't, or start talking about something else instead. I've done that a few times recently".

And I bet he has as well.

I said, "If it was me, I'd start back-tracking frantically, saying "Oh I didn't really mean I think you're all c**ts, I just meant it in a friendly way, I wasn't talking about any of YOU guys!"

And then I thought, actually it's probably better to just not say anything that you wouldn't be willing to stand by. Ever. If you're tempted to be rude, just can it. Instead of joining in with an office bitching session, imagine the person was there and see how much that holds you back. If there's something you're not happy about, follow it up directly with the person involved.

There's a new year's resolution and a half. Not sure I've got what it takes quite frankly! I'll think about it.

I think you're right. It's not easy... and god knows we have all said things that we possibly wouldn't say in front of the people involved, but I do try to live my life these days in that very way. Not saying anything that I would not say to that person myself. I always felt hugely uncomfortable in bitchy office environments, so it's probably best I'm out of all that! And I'm lucky now that most people in my life are people I can be open and honest with and that we have reached a stage of mutual respect despite coming from completely different viewpoints. So actually, there is not that much need to say things that I would regret if they ever got out. And I certainly don't have a problem with Wiki Leaks, especially as there is lots of stuff going on that I believe WE have a right to know about :-)
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