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December 11, 2010

How to get a monstrous hangover

1. Go to Christmas lunch with people from work
2. When someone says, "Can I buy you a drink?" answer, "Yes please!"
3. Repeat step 2
4. When you pick up Izzy from her friend's house, accept their offer of a drink. Decide not to have tea despite it only being 4pm, and have a glass of wine.
5. When friend's husband tops up your wine, do not object.
6. When you and friend finish off the bottle, start on the cocktails.
7. I can't remember anything beyond the apple martinis, but apparently I tripped over the dog, sang along to My Sharona, demanded cigarettes (then decided I didn't want them after all), tried to get Mattgreen to carry me home, and then fell up the stairs and refused to get up before stumbling into bed.

How to recover from a monstrous hangover

1. Wake up at 2am. Stagger downstairs for a glass of water. Drink water.
2. Try to recollect events of the evening. Fail.
3. Give an oral sacrifice at the altar of the porcelain god.
4. Go back to sleep. Wake up again at 4am and drink more water.
5. Get up at 8am. Go downstairs and have an Alka Seltzer, bought for last New Year's Eve but unused until now.
6. Discover I cannot face operating the coffee machine. It must be bad. Put Labyrinth on and lie on the sofa.
7. When Izzy goes off to Bushcraft, go to Cote for coffee and croque madame with Mattgreen. Start to feel slightly better.

8. Swear never to drink again.

ha ha ha ha!!!!!! love it!!! Glad you had a fab time :-)
9. Well for the rest of today atlease
I am finally feeling human again :)

I'd forgotten just how crap it is having a major hangover, I don't think I've been this bad since Elliot & Gemma's wedding. That was truly awful - both Mattgreen and I have really reined it in since then. I think it was because I started drinking at lunchtime, I just don't have the stamina to cope with all-day drinking anymore, and the cocktails just finished me off!

Ah well. You only live once ;)
I wish I had a nickle for everytime I repeated the last step. "I'll never drink again!" LOL
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