Losing my religion

December 17, 2010

Tonight I went to the little carol service in the street garden just down the road from us. I've been walking past the sign every day for the last fortnight and I thought it would be nice to go. I like singing, I like carols, what could go wrong?

When I arrived and they gave me a glow stick with "Jesus is the Light of the World" written on it, I was slightly dubious. But it was great! Afterwards I talked to a lady who obviously saw I was on my own and came to convert me.

Her: Do you go to church?
Me: Errrrrr well no. I'm not really the religious type.
Her: Well it's lovely to see you here.
Me: Well, I got involved with Cubs and one part of that is exploring your spirituality so I thought I might look into some different religions.
Her: That's lovely! Christianity is wonderful! My life was changed completely when the spirit lit up within me!
Me: (desperately trying to avoid thinking of euphemisms) Mmm.
Her: So what religion were you thinking of trying? Anglican, Baptist..?
Me: Or one of the others... Islam... Buddhism maybe...
Her: (visibly recoiling) But... their religions are based on hate! Ours is based on love! All you have to do is repent and Jesus will do the rest!
Me: I wonder what people from other religions would have to say about that. Anyway, it's getting chilly, best go home. See you later!
(exit stage left)

Ah yes, all that Buddhist hate spoiling things for the rest of us. Sometimes I roll my eyes so hard that it hurts.
Haha, I'm glad somebody picked up on that! My eyes nearly rolled out of their sockets when she said that.
Those Buddists, always spreading their hate...
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