Kibble a la tortilla

December 12, 2010

Tonight, we had spicy beef mince tortillas for dinner. As I was getting the tortillas out, I dropped one on the floor. Ludo sniffed it, so I picked it up and handed it to Mattgreen while I got on with the dinner.

Alicey: Add that to Ludo's bowl, would you?
Mattgreen: (smirking) Sure.
Alicey: Just rip it up into pieces and chuck it on top of her kibble.
Mattgreen: But that wouldn't be any fun, would it?

Tonight, Ludo received her kibble completely encased in a flour tortilla, with a tiny hole poked in the top so that she could see it was worth eating. The look on her face when we put her dinner down was priceless.

Poor dog. It is a trial living in this household and no mistake :)

Our Dachsund, Thor, will eat almost anything dropped on the floor before you can even pick it up.
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