November 18, 2010

I found this really cool online tool called Wordle that makes 'word clouds' out of webpages or other random text. It shows which words you use the most... and the answer is MATTGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN! No surprise there :)

Here's the word cloud for this blog, as of today:

The other day I found the archive from the blog I kept for several years before this one. It was held on this weird old system called Pmachine and when I finished up there, I got my brother to download all the archives. It makes hilarious reading now, for instance this:

Fri Jul 30 18:36:34 2004
funny things my daughter has done lately

1. i am talking to my neighbour in the garden. isabel goes into the house, brings out her potty and dumps it on the lawn. my neighbour sees this and laughs, "nothing like going alfresco!" then isabel pulls down her pants and takes a piss right there. errrr.... time to excuse ourselves!

2. isabel and i go to the post office in the morning. hours later we are sitting in a cafe, when out of nowhere isabel announces, "cashier number three, please!" i die of laughter.

3. isabel points at a tiny cut on my foot where my shoes have rubbed. she says, "mummy, have you hurt your foot?" i reply, "yes, a little bit". she replies, deadly seriously, "let's go to hospital".

4. there is a single red rose growing in our garden, which just flowered yesterday. i said to izzy, "look! there's a pretty flower!" isabel replied, "mummy. it's a rose."

So I took the entire archive, July 2002 to November 2004 and pasted it into Wordle.

This is the result (you can click to make it larger):

Fascinating stuff huh? The "Comments" and "URL" are because every post had those words embedded, but the basic topics of my life have hardly changed at all.

I find it highly disturbing that one of the words mentioned most frequently is vagina... That's certainly very random!
ROFL I hadn't noticed that!!!

It's because it only takes the words from a few posts and it obviously used the "Billy" post as a source. Ha ha!
I think it's interesting that you use the word "weevil" so often.
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