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November 10, 2010

So. Mattgreen leaves for Newbury in a hire car for work at 5.45am this morning.
He asked if I minded if he went straight to a work leaving do in town afterwards and I said fine.

I rang him this afternoon to ask if he knew anything about the men wielding implements of destruction in our garden (more on this some other time) and his phone was switched off. I presumed he was busy in meetings.

I texted him at 9.10pm with the simple message, "Dead or not dead?"

I rang him just now, at 10.20pm, but his phone was switched off.

When do you think it's OK to start worrying? Is nearly seventeen hours long enough?
Mattgreen is the WORST for this and then he makes me feel bad for worrying and makes out that I'm being paranoid.

I have no contact numbers for anyone from his work so if he is lying dead in a gutter I have no way of finding out until the morning.

I'm so glad Matt doesn't travel all the time for his job any more because this sort of crap used to be a daily occurrence. I'll let you know tomorrow whether he's dead or not.

I'm not dead! My phone ran out of charge....
Yeah yeah yeah. I've heard that one before! Slightly better than, "I forgot", slightly worse than, "I was too busy".

I refer you to the Black Eyed Peas:

"It was the same damn thing. Same ass excuses. Boy you're useless. Woooaaahhh!!!"
Bah. He's too evil to die by natural means.

But I do have some silver bullets handy, if you ever need them.

Not that you ever will...
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