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November 29, 2010

Tonight I discovered that my blog has stats! I never realised that Blogger apparently records all my visitors. Sadly it only records the last few months, but nevertheless I have more readers now than ever before. HELLO NEW READERS! WHO ARE YOU?! Why are you not posting comments, dammit?!

The answer is, it's probably just all my same old readers who are just looking a bit more often now that there's actually something to see. *sigh*

It also tells me where they're all coming from.

Cool stuff huh?

Um, that's it really. Sorry, that's a bit of a weak post but it's NEARLY the end of November and I'm running out of interesting things to say.

Hi! Well, I am Helen (who used to know Matt at primary school!). I started checking your blog again this November as I wondered if you'd do the NaBloPoMo challenge again! So glad you did - I love reading your blog, it's great! :o)
I'll try and comment a little more often now!
Hi Helen, I remember you!
Glad you're back and enjoying it. It's been fun, and this year I'm going to try not to completely abandon my blog in December like I did last year ;)
I love NaBloPoMo!

Keep posting. You may actually inspire me to start my own blog. ;)
Hi Alicey,

I know Mattgreen through vtes. He set me a challenge via IRC which led me to your blog. I'll let him explain so its less...weird. :D

Anyway, that might explain some of the traffic spike.
Obe, that's a great idea. Go for it!

Nice to meet you, Mr BeAst. Mattgreen has explained and it's still quite weird, but don't worry, I'm used to it :D
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