Paranoia gnomes on the loose

November 17, 2010

Alicey: Mattgreen! I can't sleep! I've got something preying on my mind!
Mattgreen: Nngh.
Alicey: It's really important!
Mattgreen: [sleepily] I bet it's not.
Alicey: No, Mattgreeeen, it IS! You have to listen! Wake UP!
Mattgreen: OK, OK.
Alicey: Well, it's just about... [bursts into fits of giggles]
Mattgreen: What?
Alicey: It's the... [fits of giggles]
Mattgreen: You've woken me up now..
Alicey: OK, OK, I'll tell you! It's, it's, [sniggers]'s about the jar the jar I keep the porridge in.
Mattgreen: [makes sound of a shotgun loading]
Alicey: [in hysterics] it's just too... [laughing so hard she can't breathe]
Mattgreen: BOOM! BOOM!
Alicey: No, it's really important! [gasps for breath] ...It's too small to keep all the porridge oats in, I think I need a bigger one...
Mattgreen: It's worse than I feared.

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