Nine years of cake

November 21, 2010

I keep meaning to write a long and intelligent post, but sadly I'm always too busy and/or knackered. Tonight is no different, so instead I've got a cake retrospective for you:

First birthday - not the best photo but it's a chocolate number one shape:

Second birthday: Chocolate hedgehog.

Third birthday and into princesses: the classic Barbie cake.

Not bored of princesses yet, so this year: The crown.

Yeah. Princesses at age five - the castle cake.

Finally outgrown princesses - for her sixth we had jellybean invitations and party bags so the cake matched.

On her seventh, we'd just moved so all she had was a single friend round for tea. The pair of them demolished the gingerbread house:

Hallowe'en spooky castle cake:

This year's animal-themed party:

Ahh my Nan used to make chocolate hedgehog birthday cakes for me! I might make one for myself next year :)
LOL! They're incredibly easy and rather tasty too, I used Nigella's choc fudge cake for the inside.
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