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November 19, 2010

Today I did a taste testing session at Leatherhead Food Research, a nutrition/consumer lab. I volunteered because I'm really interested in Food Science - in fact one day I'd quite like a career in that area - and I thought it would be fun.

The testing took place in a large, light, airy room in silence. People weren't allowed to mess with their mobiles or talk so they had to just read a book or stare into space between the trials. I'd taken some sewing I need to do for Cubs that I've been putting off for ages, and it was perfect because as I had no other choice, I just got on with it and got loads done. Periodically a young lady would bring over a sample of food to try.

The first thing was a lemon tart, followed by two kinds of sausages. After that we moved on to several different kinds of spring rolls, and finally a fish pie to die for. We were only analysing the fish, but the chef had made it up into the most gorgeous fish pie. After each sample, you had to fill in half a dozen questions, and that was it. Nothing tasted really horrible, I didn't need to eat anything for lunch and the whole experience was really serene. And as a nice bonus, at the end they paid me £12!

Another food-related organisation that I really want to get involved with is FareShare, but unfortunately volunteering with them doesn't fit in terribly well with my complicated array of children, dogs, work and other volunteering at the moment. I'm sure it will happen eventually though because I think what they do is bloody brilliant.

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